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Good Morning Dr. Ellie,

I have a couple of quick questions our grandbaby is teething what do you suggest for his discomfort? He has cut his eye teeth first and the front ones are very close to breaking thru but he is just miserable at times.

Our 20 year old son has a tooth with a large filling and at times it has had a blood blister come up. He does not have any pain with this tooth, but I know there is infection somewhere. It is next to his wisdom tooth which seems to be healthy. The dentist previously wanted to pull the wisdom tooth and leave the trouble tooth or do a root canal on the trouble tooth. Since being on the “Dr. Ellie program” the blister is gone and his mouth looks nice a pink, but we’re wondering if we shouldn’t do something with this tooth to alleviate any future problems.

I can’t tell you how much better we feel about all of our mouths since using your protocol. We’re so glad to have confidence that we’re doing something to help our teeth and mouths to be healthier!! We’ve had three dentist with our family and none have ever taken the time nor the effort to help us but all seemed to blame us. You have been a real blessing to us.


Dear Jane,

Unfortunately your question about your son’s tooth is impossible for me to answer. I would need to see an X ray of the tooth and test it to see if it is alive. Often the nerve under a big filling will die and infection inside the tooth will come to the surface showing up as a blister (small abscess) on the side of the gum next to the tooth. I would not recommend leaving a tooth like this.

On the other hand, if the blister is related to some kind of gum “pocket” that formed near the filling for some reason it could go away with my system. So a good dental exam would be useful for him.

I am thrilled that you are noticing that your teeth feel healthier. Since oral health impacts general health so much I hope this new system will help you and your family enjoy less sore throats and better overall health.

The first question about the teething baby I would suggest a solution of xylitol in warm water on a sponge or soft toothbrush, rubbed over the area.

This will help to keep the area clean be careful of ingredients in many teething pastes and gels (acids and sorbitol are often included). Native Americans gave their babies teething rattles made from birch wood!

I wish I could help more I will look into this last problem and try to give you a better answer.
You could contact Dr. Ray Wagner from and ask him this question (tell him I sent you!). . Dr. Wagner is not a dentist but he is obviously a great pediatrician and cares very much about children.

Best Wishes,

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