Hello Dr Ellie,

Good Afternoon, I went to the healthfood store and found a gum called xylichew. It contains 1.6g xylitol per 2 pellets. I was only able to do this because of the information you gave on xylitol. I have never tasted such a gum, it’s refreshing, not overpowering, very pliable and long lasting.

Have you heard of it and do you approve? I also went to xylitol.net and found extensive information on this discovery. One thing, they recommended 5g throughout the day, and your recommendation is 7.5. Does it matter?

Thank you for bringing such hidden information to the public. I could have sworn in the 90’s some gums had xylitol as one of their ingredients. Anyway thank you again.


Hi D,

Xylichew is a great product and made in a similar way to Zellies gum. The daily dosage is somewhat approximate but the studies show that less than 3 g a day will not work. Over 10 grams a day you will not see any additional dental benefit.

Here is the most recent research link (a study in Washington U) that quantified the dosage:

–>Xylitol at 6.44 g/day and 10.32 g/day reduces mutans
–>streptococci in plaque at 5 wks, and in plaque and
–>unstimulated saliva at 6 mos. A plateau effect is suggested between 6.44 g and 10.32 g xylitol/day.

The first gum in USA was from a Danish company called Leaf. It was not popular and did not have any recognition outside health food stores. Look at these videos:

Please keep in touch,

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