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Hello Dr. Ellie,

I hope that this finds you doing well. I still am waiting out a root canal tooth situation. It was retreated in January and some times I still “feel” the tooth. It hits the one below it and I have had (I think) a canker sore on the gum by a white spot. Anyway, I came across some info I wanted to get your opinion on. I did not know how much of this link is accurate.


I still brush with Crest Original, rinsing with Closys before and Act after. I did halt the Listerine. I felt like my teeth were becoming sensitive and the front teeth top and bottom have funny marks on them. I am concerned that I am hurting my teeth. I keep reading your site and info, yet I am concerned that I have weak teeth. We are going to test our water to see if it is acidic. I was told by the endodontist that I should see an orthodontist, that I may really benefit from braces. My top teeth don’t line up well with my bottom ones and the top are moving a bit causing discomfort.

Anyway, thank you again for your time. I want to be a success story. One thing that is great is I went to a dentist who actually listened to me about Xylitol!! She said my teeth were clean, that I did not need a cleaning. We talked a bit about xlitol. My biggest concern is around the gum line and previously filled teeth being rooted out. I still have a very sensitive spot on my back molar. She told me to use a recaldent toothpaste. I am hoping that the gum line will improve on its own.

Is there anything I can do for you? I truly appreciate you!!!


Hi AS,

I went to your suggested site and tried to discover who Uncle Harry is …his ideas on dentistry are not founded on any science that I understand as a dentist! His ideas on fluoride are very strange.

I reject his site as selling a product that has little or no science behind it, except that it may alkalize the mouth but xylitol will do that. On the other hand, I do not think that it will do any harm so suit yourself!

As for your own made up system there is no science to using Closys before and after brushing. Why do you do this? Of course, you can do what you want but if you are looking for success I only know one system that will work and that is mine! The way that each product interacts with the next, means that you need to use it in the order I suggest. If you mess with the system you mess with the results!

If you do not like the Listerine for its taste then dilute it until you can stand the taste. Also, use Listerine to clean your toothbrush every day.

If you continue to change the order that you use the rinses you will not see the results you want!

The funny thing is that these people who want to change everything, do not get the results they are looking for. I know my web host is laughing as she reads this message because she sees all the messages from people who are nervous, will not use my system and then complain that they have weak teeth and need expensive products from their dentist ( like MI paste!)

You can trust whomever you like…….I have nothing to gain whether you using these rinses or not they are not produced by my company. I recommend them because I love to hear the stories of people who have finally overcome dental problems. Maybe we should host a call-in program one day so you can listen to the thousands of people who gave this a try!

One lady with sensitive teeth was too scared to give up Sensodyne toothpaste – until I told her the system will not work until she used Crest. She gave up and trusted me – and her sensitivity was gone in days – permanently!

Also, it is important that you must let the ACT soak into your teeth after the quick (dilute) Listerine rinse. Your teeth will love you! and they will get stronger. Don’t listen to Uncle Harry about fluoride it is completely untrue!

Protect your teeth with Zellies or some other kind of xylitol product after every meal, drink, snack. You will see results give it time.

How long have you been doing the xylitol thing anyway? Three months?……my system needs about six months of your life give it a chance!

Then, if it does not work you can be free to try Uncle Harry’s product. Ha!

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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  • Anonymous says:

    Dr. Ellie, you wrote "As for your own made up system there is no science to using Closys before and after brushing."I think you may have misinterpreted AS's letter. AS did not say that they are using Closys before *and* after brushing. AS wrote that they use Closys before and *ACT* after, and the only thing AS dropped was the Listerine.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Re-reading the post – This anonymous is CORRECT – I need to give an apology – and thanks for the correction.I need you blog readers – I need you to help me when I get flustered by people who are not using the system properly!I worry that they are harming themselves – but you are correct – I mis-read this post!!WHAT a great team – and "thank you" anonymous – YOU spotted my mistaken assumption.Good detective work!!***** Five stars ( and a jar of free Zellies )for paying attention- send me your mailing address and I will ship some to you!!(ellie@zellies.com — reference the link to this post)

    • kevin says:

      So, um, I understand the sequence, but do we know WHY the various elements need to remain in the mouth? The admonitions to NOT rinse after CloSys, after Crest, and after Listerine, are explicit. The previous component gets spat out – and then any residue tremendously diluted – when the next component is swished for a minute, and also spat out. By the time you reached the Listerine, the CloSys would be “present” in homeopathy concentrations… i.e., nuthin’ left but the memory.

      I’ve had chili and chicken wings so hot they made my eyes water and my nose run, but classic Listerine is SO much more painful that it’s a white-knuckle trial each time. I was dancing around so much my wife asked if I had to pee. . .
      The ACT eventually makes residual Listerine stop hurting, but a good swish or three with water would be much more pleasant. 🙂

      Don’t get mad. I’m a technical writer by trade. I _need_ to understand the workings of things. It’s … it’s … pathological. ;->

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