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Dear Dr. Ellie:

I am somewhat new to your program. I couldn’t find anything on your site about this, but there is a product called “ACT TOTAL CARE” that looks like the regular rinse. Walgreens in my area only had this I have a great coupon for it! Is this one okay, or is it like the Restore?


Dear P:

Stick to Act anticavity.

Do not even switch out for the store brand.
The cost should not be more than four/five dollars (a dollar a week) and you will find the rinse lasts about a month.

You do not need to fill the “volume” cup on the bottle to the brim each use. The amount of ACT rinse is not important the benefits depend on the length of time it is in contact with your teeth. ACT original has great “clinging” powers and flows into all the pits and cracks in your teeth to help heal them. The chemistry of this system is exact so you need to use the exact products if you want the results we all enjoy!

Sorry about the coupon maybe give it to someone else! I cannot tell you how many “free” samples of toothpaste and rinses I throw away or use as sink cleaners. Many rinses and toothpastes are mailed to dentists as gifts and most of them I would not put in my mouth (even though they are free or even if they paid me!).

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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