Xylitol: Where and in What?

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Hello, and thanks for your information on Xylitol and it’s benefits.

I was wondering if you could provide specific examples of gums that contain it, mints, etc. that you mentioned in your article entitled “Clean White Teeth”. My specific situation involves snoring at night with my mouth open, and I awake in the morning with my teeth and gums very dry, and my teeth feeling like they’re going to break off. Recently, in fact, there was some minor cracking of my front teeth (of all places…) Luckily at this point this has occurred on the underside of the tooth, but I’m concerned about further damage.

Considering the above, if you have any further information such as some sort of ointment, oil, mouthpiece or whatever that might protect my teeth during the night it would be much appreciated.

Thank you for your time in reading this and any information that you might provide.


Hi M,

I would be happy to talk with you on the phone but we would need to arrange a time to do this.

In the meantime I would suggest you read the information about the Complete Mouth Care System that I recommend and follow these directions especially using ACT last thing before sleeping. Eating a Zellie mint (either fruit or mint flavor work just as well) during the night to help moisten your mouth or put some granular xylitol into water and drink this if your mouth is dry during the night.

The Zellies mints seem to be the most effective, and I have had many accolades from people suffering with dry mouth.

Here is the link to the system:
and a free down loadable booklet:

Good luck and let me know if you need more help. Be sure to follow the instructions and use only the products suggested in the order suggested any alteration of any kind can disable the system.

Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester NY 14623

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  • Anonymous says:

    Hi, My sister just recently discovered you and told me about you. It was perfect timing. I went to the dentist yesterday and, hadn’t been in 2 years and have pocketing of 4,5,and 6 in some of my back teeth top and bottom teeth,several are crowns. All front teeth are 2 and 3’s. They want me to do the deep scaling cleaning. I’ve never had to have this done in my 44 yrs. Can I start on your system and prevent the need for this deep cleaning or do I need to get rid of the hardened plaque first, so get the deep scaling cleaning? I bought all the basics today but need the xylitol. Also, I have a cavity with no pain, near a root, dentist wants to fill it and put in a shield to hopefully prevent another root canal(I have about 3 or 4 already) or can your system possibly prevent me from needing this filling and shield done?Thanks so much. I’m very excited I found you.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I am excited for you and (providing you give this a little time) – I think you will be thrilled with this system.I would like to know more about what you have been doing before for oral care……. : but let’s just get you started! I cannot advise you to skip the treatment – it would not be professional of me to get between you and your dentist’s advice. What I can tell you is that if you start on my system – and use it twice a day – and eat the mints and gum after every drink, meal and snack – that your condition will not deteriorate and may significantly improve – if your results are similar to the many other people who have tried this. If you follow my system, and your teeth and gums feel healthier – you may still need some deep cleaning in six months time, but the cleaning will be easier for both you and your hygienist. They should be pleased that you worked so hard yourself in between the visits, and if you do have some deeply embedded calculus it will be much easier for them to remove if your surrounding gums are healthy. I will tell you a story of someone who had 4-6 mm pocketing around his teeth in January.His dentist recommended $2,000 of deep scaling and some periodontal surgery. He was given a big folder with all the things he was going to have for his money.Instead of this, the young man used my system and plenty of Zellies – plus he cleaned his toothbrush every day as instructed:http://zellies.com/store.asp?pid=17185 By the way, I hope you have printed up the booklet and read the instructions carefully:http://zellies.com/client_images/catalog19708/pages/files/NEWZelliesCompleteMouthcareSystem.pdf The end of the story was that he returned to his dentist for a fresh evaluation after six months – and they could not find anything to do for him.Today (now five years later) he had never had any more problems with his teeth. I guess the answer to your last question is to let the final rinse (the ACT) really soak around that tooth. I mean that you allow the rinse some time to work on this part of your tooth. The ACT combined with the xylitol in Zellies will do much for this spot on your tooth – and may prevent the need for a filling. I wish you luck and welcome you to the Zellies family of dental health friends!If you have more questions – feel free to contact me again once you notice results. Ellie

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