Herbal Teas and Teeth

Hello Dr. Ellie,

Thanks so much for a wonderful site and blog. I’ve learned so much and I’m really excited to start the CWT program.

I have a question that I couldn’t find an answer for: Do I need to rinse my teeth after drinking clear, unsweetened herbal tea?


Hi Tara,

The answer to this question will depend on the kind of tea that you are drinking. Many herbal teas are acidic and if you add some lemon you will definitely find this to be the case.

My suggestion would be to do some of your own pH testing. Also http://www.zellies.com/store.asp?pid=9842
Our pH testing kits are easy to use and give you the answer that you need if you drink this tea often.

Remember that xylitol is not the only tooth protective food you can use. Any dairy (cheese for example), nuts, fresh vegetables and even some fruits like strawberries leave the mouth alkaline. Have some fun and test to see the changes in order to understand mouth pH in relation to the foods you eat.

Good luck and keep in touch,

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  • I couldn’t find where to email you — but I wanted to let you know about my hygiene appointment this morning. First — I do have some issues with my teeth that definitely require dental work, a dead tooth, and decay under a previously done crown. That all said, we only started back to the dentist last year due to finally getting some insurance. LOTS of decay. I’ve also pretty much been dealing with infection after infection and much pain. In February, I came across the information about your system and decided, what do I have to lose? I’m going for it. Mid February is probably when I started. I had this appointment scheduled today. I waited after she looked at my teeth. The hygientist asked me immediately!! Have you changed your hygiene habits? Of course, I said I have. She pressed me by asking me if I minded telling her what I did. I asked her why?? She said well when you came in September your bleeding was 14% — you have ZERO bleeding today! I have NEVER NOT HAD bleeding issues. Amazing after about 4 weeks and no new cavities. She did say that I should not use Listerine, but Crest Pro Health instead due to the alcohol. I just am wondering about your thoughts on that.Also my cleaning was the fastest it has ever been — there weren’t ANY comments about you need to concentrate on brushing here or there etc. I’m laughing out load!! I’m so happy and I haven’t had any pain in weeks! I KNOW your system works — and am looking forward to my next checkup and whiter teeth! Thanks so much.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Thanks so much for your message. Can anyone tell me why your health professional was so shocked by your oral health improvement BUT wants to CHANGE what you are doing!It happens all the time!It happens whenever people tell their dentists/hygienist what they are using! Many say the ACT is not strong enough or this same thing about Listerine.I usually suggest smiling at your first six-month visit and then let them in on the details after a year. By the end of a year they will not be able to persuade you away from this system – EVER! Listerine is not a problem and neither is the alcohol in it.The only Listerine to avoid is the Whitening, Tartar control and Advanced.None of these carry an ADA seal of acceptance on the front label.Remember, you are rinsing Listerine off your teeth with ACT – this last rinse does not have any alcohol in it. My advice – use only my system. If it has worked this well – I guarantee that your health professionals will be utterly shocked in the next six months. Make sure you clean your toothbrush every day ( you will use the Listerine for this also).Use the system as described and also make sure to always protect your teeth after meals and snacks with Zellies mints and gum. I do not recommend you (EVER) use Pro Health! I threw a big box of Pro Health samples that were sent to me directly into the garbage.There are a few products that worry me a lot – and this is one of those on my list. I am thrilled by your success – and it is exactly what I would have expected to hear.You have done a great job – keep it up – and please become a “germ-o-phobe” about toothbrush bacteria! Take care,Ellie

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