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Dear Dr. Eillie,

I have one question please.Can you speak to the effectiveness of home make toothpaste which has baking soda as a main ingredient?


Hi Dale,

There are many people who use peroxide and baking soda but I believe that baking soda can cause gingival recession.

“Gingival recession” is a problem where the gums appear to recede up the roots of the teeth leaving sensitive and exposed root surfaces showing in the mouth.

I recently asked an eminent researcher why this happens, and the scientists do not seem to know. One theory is that baking soda is abrasive which causes this problem.

Personally I think it is a kind of “allergic” type reaction to the baking soda. I have seen baking soda used without problems for a few days, but after repeated use (over months or years) the gums start to disappear. There is no pain or swelling associated with this recession just a loss of gum tissue. This problem can be very severe to the point of people loosing teeth because of this.

This is why I steer people to use Crest Original toothpaste. Good results are repeated time and again.

If you cannot or will not access a commercial product, I would suggest brushing with a moist brush but without any baking soda. If you really want a fun home made recipe that follows the chemistry of my system to some extent:

Rinse with a solution of salt water first. Brush teeth with nothing on the brush but a drop of water (or you could use a paste of crushed strawberries and/or sweet potatoes/yams…Strawberries are said to whiten teeth and yams have a good fluoride content!)
Finish by swishing a solution of xylitol around your mouth at the conclusion of this cleaning.

I cannot compare this home made version with the effectiveness of my Complete Mouth Care System but you asked for home-made so here is my creative recipe!

Thank you for your interest,
Ellie Phillips, DDS

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