Fluoride for Erosion?

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I think my tooth erosion was caused by eating a lot of sour fruit, teas, fruit juice, brushing with a hard bristle brush, and abrasive toothpaste right after eating. I’ve cut out the acidic drinks and fruit.

I have been brushing with a soft bristle toothbrush with tooth soap because it non abrasive, started the granular xylitol/rinses, and I rinse with salt dissolved in water.

I’m considering starting your system be case my teeth they are eroding badly and I’m only 20 so I’m desperate.

Can you tell me how the fluoride works? I’m concerned about the fluoride, from what I’ve read from natural health experts is it fills in teeth making them more brittle? I really don’t want my teeth to get any weaker. Does the fluoride fill the teeth or does it help other minerals like calcium/phosphorous go into the teeth?

Do you notice in any of your patients that their teeth are more prone to cracking, weakening, cavities, and chipping after going on the CWT system? Do yo have patients with dental erosion improve after going on the system-do you see the change-less yellow?


Hi C:

You are correct that sour fruit, teas, fruit juices etc will soften teeth by taking the minerals out of them. Brushing with any brush on acid-softened teeth will remove layers of enamel in quite a short time. Most toothpaste today is too abrasive, too acidic or potentially harmful for health!

Even “healthy ingredient toothpaste” from health food stores can be too abrasive and most of the whitening products are quite acidic.

Everyone on my system sees improvements usually they are aware of their teeth being less sensitive in a matter of days. Their teeth feel better in a matter or weeks. Others notice their teeth look better in a matter of months. You may not see the difference if you peer into a mirror each day but if you can take a break from inspecting your teeth for a while, you will see the difference!

Your dentist will definitely notice an improvement in six months and more improvement over the next two years.

You have nothing to loose except discoloring and sensitive teeth.
You need to follow the instructions and get the correct ingredients if you want all these benefits in the shortest possible time.

Good luck!

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