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Hi Dr. Ellie,

I think your ideas on dental health sound like good common sense. If it doesn’t hurt your program I would like to stick to crest tarter control toothpaste. Without it I need four cleanings a year. I think some of the problem is due to my being a constant soda drinker. Quite frankly I have been trying to quit for years and I know it will take months to really modify my behavior. I also have allergies (including some plaque bacteria), and a sinus infection six months out of the year. I understand that most of the extra chemicals people put in their mouths can be unnecessary and detrimental and that you know your program works. I think in my case I may need the tarter control toothpaste until I can get the plaque bacteria killed off with your program. I am wondering if you think I should switch toothpastes now or wait until I have your routine (and my soda consumption) down. Have you had anyone use tarter control toothpaste with your program and if so how did the results compare?


Hi SM,

Your tartar build up is because of mouth acidity and yes, soda is part of the problem.
However, most tartar control toothpastes not only scratch teeth (making your tooth surface rough and more ‘sticky” for bacteria) but is also acidic! Ha! Companies love to keep themselves in business, don’t they?

Most of all, you do not want these chemicals some are dangerous: read this link from a British Newspaper. I doubt you will read this kind of report in the US!

Now the good news!
You don’t have to give up the soda for me, but you do have to stop with the tartar control paste please!

After drinking soda, test your mouth pH with a piece of pH testing paper. It will come out acidic (yellow in color). Now eat a Zellie mint or two ( mmmm…delicious!). Wait thirty seconds and then test with the pH paper again. The paper will now turn blue or violet which shows your mouth is safe, non acidic and plaque will not form. A couple of Zellies will reverse any damage and stop the plaque bacteria in their tracks!

Trust me, if you eat a couple of Zellies after each of your drinks, meals and snacks and do the whole mouth care system morning and night you will see an amazing difference. I have many patients who used to go for cleanings every few weeks and now go once a year with hardly anything to do!

Zellies are your friend night and day!
Why not give it a try and see the difference. Trust me you will!

Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
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Rochester NY 14623

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