Mannitol and Maltitol

Dear Dr. Ellie,

I noticed that Hersheys’ Ice Breakers Ice Cubes gum has xylitol for the first ingredient. I wrote to the company and they actually answered and said each piece contains 1.1 grams! I notice they also have mannitol syrup and maltitol, the ingredients in order are: xylitol, gum
base, maltitol syrup, mannitol, then natural and artificial flavors. But I
am using this for an adjunct source of xylitol.

Is this ok?


Dear SG,

Be careful of mannitol and maltitol they can cause gastric distress, gas and bloating at very low dosages. I like the amount of xylitol in Ice Breakers but not these other ingredients.


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  • Brad says:

    Hi Dr. Ellie,I found your site a few months ago and am so grateful for this information. Thank you. But I have also started using Icebreakers gum because it is so much more affordable than other xylitol products. You said mannitol and malitol can cause bloating and gastric distress, but will they also potentially negate the effect of xylitol? I have not experienced any gastric symptoms, so I am thinking of sticking with this.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Ok – but do consider our bulk bags of gum at an also using a little granular xylitol in your diet to boost the amount each day!I want you HEALTHY body and teeth!Ellie Ellie Phillips DDSwww.CleanWhiteTeeth.comwww.Zellies.comDental Health for Everyone!author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye26, Corporate Woods, Rochester NY 14623585-272-1270585-272-9910585-272-0705 (Fax)

  • Cindy says:

    Dr. Ellie,Thank you in advance for everything..I have a son who was born 3 months early and drinks no soda or juice has no candy no bread..alot of veg..some fruits not ones high in acid..still I took him to a dentist who said the acid bacteria (after testing him) his acid bacteria level was 9280 the highest level would be 9999. I put him on your system about 1 month ago. But I was using xylitol mixed in water, then squiggles toothpaste then carifree mouthwash with added extra xylitol in it. Do you think this is ok? Also I just started him on evorakids but got nerves because I'm afraid the evorakids has ERYTHRITOL in it and I'm not sure if it cancels the benefits of the xylitol. Thank you so much..Cindy B.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I don't have a problem with what you are doing – and the probiotics should help.My regimen is somewhat different – but there is no contraindication to the regimen you talk about. Make sure he has at least 1-2 teaspoons of granular xylitol each day.You can dissolve in water and have him sip this during the morning and again at night.Frequency and quantity are very important! Ellie Phillips DDSwww.ZelliesCleanWhiteTeeth.comSolutions for Oral Health!author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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