ACT: Why the Dye?

Dr. Ellie recently received a question about the dye in the ACT she recommends. Here is her response hopefully it will answer some of the questions you might have about dye as well.

I work with a lot of patients who have dental caries and many children with dental disease, brown spots or cavities. The use of ACT in combination with xylitol can remineralize (repair) these teeth. Used together (the liquid ACT dabbed on the tooth along with the use of xylitol products) can allow a parent to save a child from needing a filling.

Yes, I wish the ACT was clear, contained no dye and was without sorbitol and certain other ingredients. But, this product can strengthen teeth and prevent the need for dental fillings.

I believe that the risk to health is far greater from a dental filling, than from a drop of ACT on a tooth surface. Unfortunately I know no other combination of products that will reverse cavities completely.

If you and your family have perfect teeth I congratulate you and I agree that this product is not necessary for you. If you or your family are at risk or have been diagnosed with weak or carious teeth this is the way to reverse them and help you avoid a filling. White fillings can contain PBAs and silver amalgam is a nightmare …..(a conversation for another day!)

Personally I am outraged that Colgate Total contains triclosan, that Listerine Whitening contains a co-carcinogen and that sorbitol chewing gum was recently endorsed by the ADA. I agree that we should worry about the oral care products we use and I wait for the day that ACT makes a dye-free rinse!

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  • Ruthie says:

    Maybe all of us on your system should write a letter to the ACT company and ask them to make a dye-free version? I’ll write mine tonight. http://www.actfluoride.comThanks for your advice, Dr. Ellie. You’ve helped me so much.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I only ask those who see the benefits tell others – to save their friends from dental problems. People with gum problems need to use Closys and make sure they clean their toothbrushes and worry about bacteria growing on them. People with fragile or sensitive teeth need the help of ACT.The other ingredients in the system make it work better – and the regular protection from Zellies is icing on the cake! Thanks for your support,Ellie

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