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Dear Dr. Ellie:

Hello. I’m 42 and 4 months ago got my braces off for the second time. (I had them as a teenager).

While I had my braces I used ACT rinse, but after I got them off switched to the RESTORE version a couple of weeks ago. I am seriously regretting this because now I have white spots underneath my retainer wire (hawley). These spots have always been there since my first time in braces but were lighter, but somehow the RESTORE seems to have made them way worse. I notice its the worst in the morning and if I chew gum, it improves quit a bit. Is this strange? Did I catch this in time to fix it somehow. Please help, I just spent three years perfecting my smile and now I think I messed it up!

ps – I’m a good brusher and floss daily. K

Hi K,

Calm breathe! It will be OK! You just have to read this long Email message!

Teeth are like bones they demineralize but then harden up again (remineralize). This happens every day, all day. Teeth become damaged when there is more break down than repair.

We need to boost the repair of your teeth. Brushing and flossing do not repair teeth but several other things do!

ACT anticavity is great at repairing teeth. I would also recommend Original Crest toothpaste.
Do not use any product that is whitening, tartar control, sensitive stuff or the Pro Health brand.

Brush with Crest and then do a short rinse with Listerine (dilute Listerine in water if you do not like the taste). Use the Listerine to rinse the paste off your teeth .Then immediately rinse the Listerine off your teeth with ACT.

If you use this system, your teeth will heal more quickly. This rinsing may sound weird but think of skin care. The Listerine is like toner (opening the pores of your teeth to accept the ACT) and the ACT is like moisturizer for teeth!

Keep the ACT in your mouth for as long as you are able. The longer it is in your mouth the more remineralization will occur. Do not eat or drink after you spit out. Use last thing at night.

I would suggest you do this rinsing two or three times a day. Also you should consider eating some Zellies mints after every meal, drink or snack all day long. If you wake in the night eat another Zellie mint to protect your teeth keep the remineralization happening! Zellies are pure xylitol which remineralizes the deeper layers of your teeth and the ACT will heal the surface.

Give your teeth at least 6 weeks to heal. Mark the date on your calendar. Try not to check your teeth too often especially before this date! Just keep remembering to protect your teeth after everything you eat or drink use a Zellie mint.

Let me know how this works out I think many people have problems with braces. Braces can cause your mouth to become dry. Mouth acidity with dry mouth will cause damage to teeth very quickly.


Remember many drinks are acidic. You can get pH testing paper to check the acidity of your favorite drink just to know.

Good luck,

Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester NY 14623

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