The Science of Dental Disease

Hi Dr. Ellie,

Can you tell me your thoughts about this man’s claims?

Thank you, J

Hi J,

This man does not explain the science of dental disease. He is close, he has a number of good points, but he is off target.

Dental disease is understandable and its process is consistent with the biochemistry of the sciences. Dental disease requires two things: having acidity or dry mouth will damage teeth together you will have problems.

As a dentist you learn to see things. I am a geriatric and pediatric dentist I have treated old and young. This gives you a good perspective on dental disease.

I respect and admire Weston Price. I respect and admire a friend of his George Eastman. These gentlemen in the early 1900s were on the right pathway trying to figure out how foods impacted teeth. I take you back to the idea of finishing every meal with a tooth-protective food and one of the most convenient and useful is xylitol!

Thanks for this link but I am not sending this man money for his thoughts!

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