Periodontal Disease

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I have periodontal disease. Will xylitol help keep it under control? In several months, I will be getting implants and ‘snap’ on dentures. But until then, I want to keep my teeth from getting worse. Will xylitol help?


Dear JA:

Yes xylitol in any form will help. Mints, gum or granular.

You need to ensure that you eat at least 6.5 grams a day.
It is best if you have it in several small doses throughout the day and best after meals.

Make sure you clean your toothbrush every day by swishing it in Listerine and then rinse off and dry thoroughly every day.

Last thing I would recommend is to use Closys mouth rinse before you brush your teeth every day and every night. Swish the Closys around your mouth and then brush your teeth (with a clean toothbrush) using Crest Original toothpaste. You should find both these items in Walgreen drug stores.

Do this and your gums will improve in a matter of weeks and you will be happy that you did this before your surgery. Also fresh pineapple helps you to heal faster eat a little each day for a week before and after your surgery!

Good luck,

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  • Sage says:

    Hi Dr. Ellie
    In October of last year I went to the dentist. I was told I had 5 cavities and moderate periodontal disease with gum recession of 4 and 5 millimeters. I was so upset. I found your info online and immediately started using it. I felt the difference immediately. My mouth no longer hurt, my bad breath went away and I no longer had dry mouth. Everything felt fine until just a couple of days ok. My mouth is starting to hurt. My other symptoms have not returned though. I religiously follow your system. For the xylitol I am using the ice breakers gum 3 to 4 times a day. I found that the ice breakers gum will work because it is coated with xylitol. I found that info on Why is my mouth hurting again? Is it the gum? Should I use something different? I really don’t want to lose my teeth.

    • If anyone runs into problems using “my info” I beg them to review the “system” and use only Zellies products. Zellies will work….but other products may not. They may not have the same xylitol or they may have ingredients work against you. I suggest you look over the protocol and ensure you have the exact products to protect your teeth from acidity and mouth dryness all day and night. Worry about all drinks – these are usually harmful. Use Zellies after everything you eat or drink. Limit sipping drinks – this causes stress for teeth. If you follow my protocol exactly – you will be successful. Of course you need a healthy diet, reasonable habits and good digestive health for excellent gum health. Think about a multivitamin, maybe probiotics and eating well…… Here is a link to the booklet about the system – you should review it carefully: HERE

      • sr says:

        Dear Dr. Ellie
        Is zellies the only absolute thing I can use? At the health food stores they carry spry dental defense system. Is that just as effective as zellies? The only reason I’m asking is because I am on a very tight budget. I understand teeth and gum health are extremely important. If zellies is the only product that can do the trick I will buy it. Can you only purchase it online? Are there

        any health food stores in Washington that sell it? Thank you for your time.

        • I’d prefer to let someone who has been a Spry reply and tell you the difference when they changed to Zellies. I don’t want to be negative to Spry ( they are nice people) and they have their product in many stores……BUT…..Zellies taste better and there is more xylitol per piece.

          I think for general prevention ( if you have great teeth) it may not matter too much, but if you are trying to turn your oral health around – I beg you to use Zellies products! I think Zellies taste better (so you are more inclined to use them regularly) and incorporate them as a lifetime routine. Other products have less xylitol than Zellies, and some contain ingredients that stop xylitol working properly. (Zellies will never let that happen).

          I do NOT recommend any of the xylitol toothpastes or xylitol rinses – because I have no confidence in them – and I have never seen any of them work. If you want the least expensive way to use xylitol – opt for granular! You will have to be a lot more disciplined and it is a lot less convenient. You can maybe have some granular and a few Zellies mints or gum after meals to get enough xylitol each day on a tight budget. We sell the mints and gum in bulk bags at and shipping is free over $75……maybe a friend will share the order with you? We are working to expand our distribution to more stores around the country – but it is a long process!

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