CWT Testimonial, and Pocketing Question

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I wanted to let you know that we have been using your entire rinse routine and xylitol for at least a year. The hygienist tells both of us our mouths are terrific. We have had no cavities or problems, except I still have the ongoing problem of upper left rear molar and surrounding gum being sensitive (I assume the root of the tooth is cracked).

I do have a question, What you mean by “pocketing measurements”.


Hi JH,

I think that it is terrific news to hear that your gum health is good I would not hurry to change what you are doing!

Most people who use a waterpik do so because they have flaps of loose gum around their teeth called pocketing. Bacteria, debris and all kinds of things get stuck in these “pockets”. Surgery is usually suggested once the pockets are 4 mm in depth or deeper.

The use of my system has resulted in 5, 8, and even 10 mm pockets resolving quietly on their own no surgery. A couple of people with deep “pockets” decided that they had to jet the liquid down into them so they selected the waterpik and filled it with Closys. Interestingly, these people did not have the resolution of those who rinsed only.

I have not done a clinical study this is just observation from Email messages so I cannot really comment. If things are going well for you I would approach the waterpik with a little caution it may not be an advantage.


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