ACT Fluroide Rinse and Granular Xylitol

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I was wondering if the bubblegum flavor of ACT is ok to use? Mint and cinnamon tend to irritate my acid reflux.

Seond, is Granular Xylitol ok to put in a beverage like coffee? Or does that lessen the effect?

Thank you very much.

Hi R,


When people say they have acid reflux I like to suggest they check drinks, mints and gum for an ingredient called sorbitol. Sorbitol is an artificial sweetener found in many diet/ sugarless products. Many people who eat sorbitol develop acid reflux symptoms so keep a close eye on ingredients and raise a red flag if you find sorbitol.

Cutting out sorbitol and replacing with 100 percent xylitol mints and gum will often cure acid reflux symptoms over a few months. If you suffer acid reflux during the night I would suggest you keep some Zellies mints on your nightstand or have a drink of xylitol dissolved in water.

Now to your questions:
Bubblegum flavor ACT works great many people say they like it the best!
Use twice a day at the end of your cleaning system I hope you are using my system!

Your answer to the second question is yes and no: You will benefit but only partially. You certainly can dissolve granular xylitol in beverages like coffee and tea and you can cook with it.
During the 2nd world war xylitol was used in place of sugar in the kitchens of Europe.

If you consume at least 6.5 grams a day on a regular basis you will see the amount of plaque on your teeth lessen. Research shows that it does not matter how you consume xylitol, but you need 6.5 and 10 grams each day (approx 1 1/2 -3 teaspoons) This will slowly eradicate the bacteria of dental disease over six months. The effects are even better if you split the 6.5 and 10 grams of xylitol into four or five separate times during the day.

Less plaque is a good thing BUT if you want stronger, brighter-looking teeth, you need to end every meal, drink or snack with a tooth-protective food. Tooth-protective foods and drinks leave the mouth alkaline and mineral-rich. Xylitol may be the best of all the tooth-protective foods and it is certainly delicious and convenient in its various forms. Coffee is acidic, even with xylitol in it, and is definitely not a tooth-protective food!

You need to eat something tooth-protective after every cup of coffee that you drink! A Zellie mint or gum would be ideal! Make sure you end every meal, snack and drink with some xylitol and you will see some amazing changes in your oral health.

Good luck,

Ellie Phillips DDS

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