The CWT System – Complete Mouth Care

Dr. Ellie, 

After brushing my teeth should I rinse my mouth with water or just use the Listerine to rinse toothpaste? Thank you for all your help.


Hi LF,

Each stage of the CWT system flows directly into the next one without any water in between.
The effects of the system are quite reduced if you get water between the stages. The effects are also affected if people use the ‘wrong” products.

I offer the downloadable and printable PDF of the system on the website

or if you prefer a diagram:

The reason we sell the complete kit is for first time users to make sure you start with everything correct.

We do not necessarily expect to supply you with the products once you have the initial kit. You can take an empty bottle and go to Walgreens or other stores to purchases replacement rinses for future use, BUT be aware: slightly wrong products or technique will diminish results.

The Closys seems to “lift” debris ready for brushing: Listerine washes toothpaste off your teeth and leaves them clean: Listerine also prepares the tooth for the ACT to come along and strengthen and smooth the outer surface. My next book will describe (in a two-hour read) the amazing biochemistry of remineralization and how this system works. This book should be available for purchase to website readers in late April.

Thanks for the question,

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