Pregnancy and Tooth Problems

Dear Dr. Ellie: 

Hi there. I found your blog by surfing the internet looking for help. I could not figure out how to contact you through the blog site but did find this email address on a website. I am 32 years old and 24 weeks pregnant. I have been dealing with Hyperemesis and severe acid reflux through this pregnancy. This is my 2nd pregnancy. I noticed recently that I have 2 large white horizontal lines (stains) going across my 2 front teeth. It is extremely embarrassing and is making me feel worse than this pregnancy alone already has! I wonder if this is not caused by hormonal changes, the rinsing I was told to do (baking soda and water mixture) to help the reflux or the vomiting that was happening for so many weeks. I wondered if you had any suggestions or products you could recommend? I am not able to afford all of the cosmetic procedures I am reading online about decalcification and fluorosis (if those are even what I am experiencing).

Thank you so much for your time!


Hi ME,

Congratulations on your new baby but I am sorry to hear about your dental issues. It is important for you to protect your teeth as much as possible and build back their structure.

Imagine tooth enamel like a honey comb with minerals being the “honey”. Mouth acids have dissolved away the “honey” and left holes in your teeth.

It is important to allow nature to replace these minerals. Do not use “sensitive” toothpastes because these will spackle up the holes not heal them. I do not recommend baking soda in the mouth too often people see gums recede with this.

Nature will do this healing if you give her tools! Xylitol is amazing especially if you combine xylitol with ACT anticavity rinse (do not be tempted to use Restore ACT is better for this).

I would like to see you eat 100 percent xylitol gum five or six times a day after meals and rinse morning and night with ACT rinse. Make sure you spit the ACT out well spit out three times is my suggestion. This will ensure that only a tiny residue remains in your mouth, coating teeth.

You should see improvements in a matter or weeks and feel your teeth getting smoother and less sensitive quickly. Xylitol will heal the deeper layers of the tooth and ACT helps to heal the surface area of a tooth and make it more acid-resistant. The color may take time to return to normal but keep on this program and you should get reversal and resolution of the problem in about a year.

I would like to see you use Closys mouth rinse before brushing. I would suggest Crest Original toothpaste and end your routine with ACT.

If you find it difficult to tolerate Listerine at least use it to keep your toothbrush clean every day. Maybe use a drop of two in water to rinse the toothpaste off your teeth before the final rinse with ACT.

Here is a link to the page on the website.

This system is amazing and will help your gums and your teeth. let me know if you have any other questions – I think you can reverse this if you work hard and give your teeth some time!

Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!

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