Have I Plateaued?

Dear Dr. Ellie,

I’ve been using the system for 2 1/2 months, and though I experienced some improvement with my gums rather quickly, they seem to have plateaued. I even have been spending the money to put Closys in my irrigator and getting it right under my gum line. I do this after I brush but before I use the Listerine. Any ideas about getting a better benefit? Also, my dentist tells me that enamel can remineralize, but tooth structure (e.g. I have an abfraction) cannot be restored naturally. Do you agree?

Many thanks for your help. I have referred friends to your website, blog and product ideas.

Chicago, IL

Hi MT,
I have four suggestions

I would change the order in which you use Closys and follow the pattern of my system exactly.

Use the Closys first in the irrigator if you like then brush.

Personally I am not convinced about irrigators I wonder if just swishing is better.
Try with the irrigator and if still no improvement try without.

Use the listerine after brushing no water in between and make sure you follow with ACT.
The steps are critical and even the kind of toothpaste (Crest Original) is important.

Make sure you eat enough xylitol and/or Zellies products to consume at least 6.5 grams of xylitol each day best at the end of meals, snacks and drinks.

Finally make sure your toothbrush is cleaned in some Listerine every day.
Store it so that it can air dry completely and store away from any toilet area in your bathroom.

I think if you revisit these details you will see more improvement and it will continue for years.
The results can be amazing but mark six months on your calendar and see what you can achieve by the summer!

Good luck.
I will be interested to hear the outcome with these changes.

Dr. Ellie Phillips

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