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Dear Dr. Ellie,

I am into natural health products and have read A LOT about how fluoride is poison to the body. I have some cracks in my teeth from grinding and some very large old amalgam fillings that need to be replaced. I currently have braces on (41 years old) to help realign my bite so hopefully my grinding will not harm my teeth further. Long story, but as a teenager the orthodontist got tooth pulling happy and now my jaw, teeth and neck are paying the price.

Anyway, I have read a lot of material about fluoride and root canals being a health issue. I have tooth sensitivity to heat, cold and air and my current dentist tells me to wait until it “wakes you up at night” to do anything about it and then I will need a root canal????? I just want an honest answer from someone who really cares about dental health.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Hi LF,

Personally I believe that healthy teeth can withstand grinding it is simply that weak or heavily filled teeth cannot withstand grinding.
I also believe that there are only two reasons for weak or damaged teeth: acidity and mouth dryness.

Cracks, large fillings, the stress of grinding and presence of braces wow! Your teeth are at high risk for damage. Any woman over the age of 30 can have acidic saliva most of the day and night (Have you tested the acidity of your saliva?) Mouth acidity can be the reason that your teeth appear to be weak.

My advice strengthen and protect your teeth.
Xylitol will help a lot (try some Zellies mints) but my Complete Mouth Care System will help you the most.

This is a booklet you can read:

I am afraid you may discount my system because of a reaction to the product ingredients. I can tell you that I fully understand your concerns about fluoride I do not want to drink it in my water  but use it only as a rinse (ACT). It will help heal the cracks in your teeth, help to give them strength and also make them more acid resistant.

Look through the site and read as much as you can. I agree that you want to avoid a root canal if possible. I would suggest trying my system for at least a couple of weeks then make a determination what you think!

Good luck I believe you can give your teeth a new lease on life!

Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester NY 14623

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