Don’t Rinse with Water!? And Should I Floss?

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I have spent several hours poring over your various web sites and I have one suggestion. You should make it more clear on your sites and especially on the page that describes your complete system that rinsing with water between the other rinses destroys your system.

I have been rinsing out the toothpaste with water (as I always have in the past), and the taste of the Listerine is so strong, I was rinsing after it as well. It would never have occurred to me, and maybe to others, to rinse out the toothpaste slurry with the Listerine! Also, I usually floss after I brush, but if I have already rinsed with the Listerine according to your system, then it seems like I would have more gunk in my mouth. Will the ACT wash that away, or should I floss before I brush (!) from now on?

I am anxious to try your system as I have receding gums, dry mouth, sensitivity, and have had lots of decay over the years, though I have always brushed diligently. It seems like your system perfectly addresses my problems.

Could you write some more about tooth healthy foods? I’d like my kids to end their lunch with both a tooth healthy food and zellies mints for double protection.


Hi CP,

I developed the Complete Mouth Care system for patients of mine who could not or would not floss so I don’t often discuss flossing and my program! I would suggest you floss first, either before or after the closys stage but always before brushing.

I like the idea of jiggling up the bacteria around teeth before brushin which is one reason why we use the Closys first. Then along comes your well-designed Zellies brush to brush the little critters off your teeth.

(Remember how important it is to keep your brush cleaned and stored dry and away from the toilet area)

Listerine is making sure you did a good job brushing (swish it well between your teeth) and it also cleans the paste off your teeth. Now the ACT will perform the final cleanse and also protect your teeth. (I like to tell women it is like skin care: cleanse, tone and moisturize!)

Protecting teeth after eating is just common sense when you realize that anything acidic left on teeth will damage them. It does not matter the acidity of the foods you consume during the meal Providing you end your meal with a tooth friendly food. You may like to experiment with pH testing paper to show your kids acidity of juice etc.

Dairy, milk, cheese etc are all tooth friendly.
Fresh vegetables carrots, celery, etc
Fresh fruits can be alkaline apples contain tooth protective ingredients but apple juice is very acidic
Nuts all kinds are tooth friendly
Xylitol probably the most tooth friendly of all food!

I hope to have a book in print in a couple of months – with a chapter devoted to tooth friendly foods and how to eat them at the end of meals.

Thanks for your interest – please let me know if you have any other questions.

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  • Anonymous says:

    i am still wondering about after i rinse my mouth with closys. do i wet my dry toothbrush with water and then put toothpaste on to brush or do i just put the toothpaste on my dried toothbrush and just start brushing my teeth?

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I have no comment about flossing.If you floss, I suggest doing it first – then rinse with Closys- brush etc… By all means a little water to wet the brush before applying toothpaste.My comments about not rinsing with water is to stop those who were making this into an eight step routine!The negative side of doing that is that one rinse prepares the teeth for the next step – so rinsing out with water each time kind of gets in the way of this process. Thanks for your questionEllie

  • Anonymous says:

    i've been on the system for 2 months and planned to change it up because it wasn't working for me but i just read about not using water in- between which i've been doing. Not sure why it would make a difference but i'll leave out the water for a week and see.thanks

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