What are Spiffies? And… Do They Work?

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I have to admit that I’d never heard of Spiffies wipes or Xylitol until today. I was told by a family member that Spiffies wipes can help heal and/or prevent ear infections. If this is true, can you explain some on how it works.

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Hi CS,

Xylitol is an amazing food a sugar derived from wood fibers and also from a variety of fibrous plants and fruits.

Xylitol does not raise blood sugar (Glycemic index of 7) so it is safe for diabetics and is often recommended by holistic doctors in the USA for diabetic control and also for osteoporosis management.

In Europe and many parts of the world, people have been enjoying xylitol for years.
In Switzerland and Scandinavia more than half the candies are made with xylitol safe for teeth.

Plaque bacteria absorb regular sugar and carbohydrates from our diet and use them as an energy source to grow and multiply. These bacteria produce acids which damage your teeth.

These bacteria also form sticky tendrils (like spider-web strings) that allow them to stick on your teeth and also to each other and to your mouth. Layers of plaque bacteria build up on teeth and produce poisons that damage gums.

When plaque bacteria come into contact with xylitol they absorb it as if it was sugar…. BUT are unable to process it. In fact, when they absorb xylitol they cannot multiply, cannot produce acids and cannot stick to your teeth. When you continuously “feed” these mouth bacteria xylitol, they disappear from around your teeth.

It takes about 5 weeks of eating xylitol to remove bad bacteria from teeth, and six months to eradicate almost all bacteria from the skin of your tongue, mouth and saliva. When you reach this point, you will also start to remove sticky bacteria from other tubes leading from your mouth.

These other tubes include :

Your throat (acid reflux bacteria may disappear)
Ear tubes (that go from your throat into ears)
Nose and sinus (connected to your throat at the back of your mouth).[There are xylitol sprays to use in your nose if you want to approach these tubes from both ends so to speak:]

So continuously contact with at least 6.5 grams of xylitol over a period of 6-12 months will eradicate harmful, sticky bacteria from your mouth and oral cavity.
It is best to use xylitol at the end of each meal four or five times each day this is the time that harmful bacteria multiply.

The benefits will be cleaner teeth, less plaque, less gum problems and less bacterial ear infections for children.
NOTE: It is interesting that children with chronic ear infections usually have acid reflux and acid-damaged teeth so xylitol would be useful for all these conditions.

Final NOTE: Make sure you also keep your kid’s toothbrushes very clean (from bacteria that grow and multiply on brushes)check the website page about toothbrush care.

Good luck and let me know if you have more questions,

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