ACT Rinse and Dry Mouth?

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I’ve been on your program for two months now to try to heal my cavity. I adore the mints and gum. They are definitely the best tasting on the market! My teeth have never felt cleaner, they have a bright, healthy glow, and after 1 month they are less sensitive!

The only problem I’m having is with the ACT rinse. I followed your program of using it twice a day for three minutes. However it caused a severe dry mouth! I then used it like the bottle said, once a day for 1 minute and the dryness stopped. I eat 14 zellies a day, never snack, only drink water, and after I eat meals I rinse my mouth with water, eat Zellies, and then brush with Crest, and floss. I brush and use ACT for one minute before bed. So food never sits on my teeth. Do you think this is enough to heal my cavity even though I’m only using ACT once a day? Do you have any suggestions? Other than that everything is great! I am a huge fan of Zellies! – K.B.

Hi KB,

I have no idea why the ACT could cause dry mouth it does not make sense from the ingredients it contains. Make sure you are not using the Restore product I suggest the original ACT Anticavity rinse. Store brands are not a good substitute either. The great thing about ACT is that it does not contain alcohol. This is why I am surprised that it would make your mouth dry.

If you have found a routine that works for you I am happy. I can only suggest trying my system again in a little while and see if you can tolerate it after all.

My only suggestion for your system is not to brush directly after eating Zellies mints. It is good to leave them on your teeth. You mention that after meals “you rinse (good) eat Zellies (good) and then brush and floss (??)”

If you wanted to brush and floss I would suggest rinse, floss, brush, rinse the toothpaste off with a little water and then end with a Zellies!

Good luck and keep me posted as to how your cavity is doing.
Remember that the longer you can keep the ACT in contact with that tooth the more healing you will get!


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