Whiter Teeth, and Gum vs. Mints


If you remember, I emailed you about 6 months ago worried about the safety of your products. I was the 15 year old who had never even had a cavity. Well, I am happy to inform you that, thanks to your system, I was complimented at my last checkup and still have zero cavities. Thank you. My teeth have never felt stronger, cleaner, and “comfortable”. I’m just now realizing that my teeth have never hurt after eating hot or cold foods since I started your system. It really does work!!! 

I have a question: which is more effective: xylitol mints or xylitol gum?

Also, I definitely do not want to use whitening products or bleaches. I am just wondering if whiter, brighter teeth are possible with your system, and if so, in what amount of time? Thank you for all you have done for me.


Hi S
Let’s get to answering your questions:

1. Which is more effective, the mints or the gum?
Research shows that the mints and gum both work in the same way. The xylitol is equally effective to help strengthen teeth and reduce plaque. Maybe consider a mix and match approach. I keep mints at work and usually some gum in the car for my drive home.

2. How do I get my teeth whiter? Will the system eventually whiten them?
Tooth enamel is the color of glass in other words it has no color. The color of a tooth is the underneath part reflected through this glass enamel. Differences in color are caused by variation in the way the light hits the glass surface and reflects off it.

The smoother the surface the brighter the tooth will look. The stronger the “glass” the more sparkle it will have ( like a diamond will sparkle!)

In certain light most teeth will look yellowish. Sometimes in the winter under the fluorescent light in my bathroom mirror I wonder if my teeth are white. Then I go out into the daylight and people usually comment how white they are. It is all about reflection and the way light reflects off them.

I would give yourself at least a year on the program before you think this is a problem. I would ask others or take a picture and see what your teeth look like from a distance. My complete mouth care system – Closys-Listerine-ACT routine also helps make teeth whiter as it will strengthen enamel and help make it smoother.

The removal of stains and brightening (by strengthening) will continue for years. I know an 80 year old man who has noticed his teeth became whiter after three years on my system. His natural front teeth have lightened and now make crowns on his side teeth look yellow next to them!

If after a year or so you are not happy with your teeth, then I would find a good dentist and talk to them about a one time whitening. Then return to your program and keep your teeth strong in the future. All bleaching is going to weaken your teeth and potentially make them sensitive and even stain more quickly again.

Good luck,
It was nice to hear from you,

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