Flouride Rinse: 4.4mg, too much?

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Before I found your website, I bought a fluoride rinse because of sensitive teeth made worse by my need for orthodontics, which is coming soon. I don’t have gum disease & rarely need a cleaning. Is Colgate PhosFlur with fluoride and acidulated phospate too harsh? It was pricey so I want to use it up before I buy your system.

Thanks DH

Dear DH

Hi and thank you for your question.

I endorse ACT for a number of reasons primarily because I know that it works! I have never seen improvement with stronger fluoride such as Prevident but I obviously have not run any clinical trials so it is just my clinical opinion.

I have no opinion about PhosFlur it should be OK .

I would suggest that you start the CWT mouth rinse routine.
Although I prefer you use ACT as the ending rinse, you could use PhosFlur in its place if you feel you have to use this product up.

Perhaps you could just put the PhosFlur away and use the system in the way I suggest for a few weeks.

Then you could experiment to see what YOU think of the PhosFlur used in place of the ACT.
Without trying the system in the way I suggest you would not be able to “judge” the results!
Just an idea but don’t wait too long!

It is really good to use xylitol and the CWT system for at least six months before starting orthodontic treatments. This way you ensure that your teeth are healthy and plaque-fee before the braces go on. Braces always make cleaning more difficult.

Let me have a progress report in a few months if you can remember!
I would be interested.

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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