Question regarding gum health

Dear Dr. Ellie,

Two questions.

1) Is baking soda in an oral irrigator safe to use?
2) If gums are in a healthy environment, can they grow back?

Thank you. Your time is greatly appreciated!


Dear BP,

I would strongly recommend against the use of baking soda in the mouth. I have witnessed severe gum recession in patients who used baking soda. I disagree with the idea of baking soda and/or peroxide being useful to combat gum disease.

I would suggest the use of a mouth rinse called Closys (Walgreens sells this). This rinse can be swished around before brushing or used in an oral irrigator before brushing teeth. I would then suggest the use of Crest Original toothpaste on a clean toothbrush. This kind of tooth cleaning will really help the gums around your teeth.

If you eat xylitol at least 3-5 times a day (preferably after meals) to consume a total of about 1-2 teaspoons daily ( this is equivalent to 6-7 pieces of gum with 100 percent xylitol or 10-12 mints) or a combination of these products – you will start to prevent plaque forming for your future tooth health. The use of Listerine and ACT is also recommended to prevent plaque forming and smooth the tooth surface ( to prevent plaque clinging to teeth).

If you use my system I believe that you will eliminate gum disease in about six months. You and your dentist should notice improvement in your gum health in about a year. If you continue with the complete system I think you can expect reversal of the damage but how much depends on the state of your gums when you begin.

You have nothing to loose and possibly everything to gain.
I would encourage you to start on the Complete Mouth Care System as soon as possible.

(I have no connection with any of these mouth rinse companies just years of helping people reclaim their oral health)

Good luck,

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