Flossing and Gum Recession

Hi Dr. Ellie, 

Does flossing cause gum recession? Why do my gums bleed when I floss? Is it bad for me to floss if this happens? Do you recommend I do not floss?

Thank you, D.

Hi D.,

If your gums bleed when you brush or when you floss then you have gum inflammation.

This is a bacterial infection and you need to get rid of the bacteria that are causing it.
I believe certain mouth rinses, used in a particular system, work better to rid the mouth of these bacteria than yards of floss!

Imagine you have an infection on your finger do you want to rub some floss over it or would you rather dip your finger in a liquid disinfectant a few times a day?

Bleeding gums shows you have the first stage of gum disease and you should do something about this immediately. If you allow your gums to continue to bleed or if you just don’t care about them bleeding they will progress to the second stage of gum disease.

The best thing is use my Complete Mouth Care System  and make sure to clean your toothbrush every day and keep it stored separate from other people. This is a transferable bacterial disease and you do not want to re-infect your mouth from others.

Unfortunately the second stage of this disease is much more destructive to your gums and teeth.
People get gum recession and sometimes loosening of teeth (as they lose attachment to the bone). This second stage is very destructive, but you may not see any bleeding when you reach this more advanced stage.

There is usually no pain associated with this second stage of gum disease.

So…. pay attention as soon as you see gums bleeding and take action. If you do this first stage is easily reversible and you should have everything under control in less than a week.

I believe the second stage is somewhat reversible with the use of my Complete Mouth Care system. The problem is that as the disease advances there is increased pocketing and damage around teeth. In advanced stages it will take a longer time to heal. Very advanced stages may not heal ever.

I personally do not recommend flossing while your gums are bleeding. I think it is safer to use a clean toothbrush and mouth rinses in the order that I recommend. You must use the system twice a day to get results – three times will be even better (but not more than three times a day).

Use Zellies mints and gum between meals to get rid of harmful bacteria in the mouth the ones that are causing gum infection.

Hope this helps,
Good luck – but please Take Action as soon as possible!
Ellie Phillips DDS

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