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Dear Dr. Ellie,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I have started the system with the Closys, the Crest, the Listerine and ACT. I don’t have the Zellies yet. Will my progress be inhibited without the Zellies?

I was the person who called yesterday about the sporadic pain I was having in a lower wisdom tooth that has a cavity and an old filling. Also, I am not sure if the tooth is broken or was always only a partial tooth. But right now it is just a partial tooth. When I went to the dentist for a cleaning they just said it had a large cavity. I asked them about remineralization but they said a large cavity like that definitely could not benefit from remineralization. It’s pretty bad I think. I just had two children back to back and I think the pregnancies might have contributed to this. I wish I had know about you then, I would have taken the Zellies!

However, I am not sure why my old dentist would have put a filing on a partial tooth, but she did (many years ago) and the new dentist seems headed toward the same direction (other options include a crown or extraction).

Is this a standard procedure? It may seem strange that I do not know the exact history of the tooth but I never really paid much attention to it until now (besides brushing my teeth).

I think I intimated to you on the phone that I currently have an embarrassing 18 fillings in my mouth. They are all silver. A lot of this comes from some nutritional deficiencies due to diet limitations earlier in life. I become very depressed and scared about this mouth full of poison and wonder if I am really doomed. All the research and mercury free commentary makes me really scared. Is there any hope for me WITH these fillings still in and is there any really improvement to be seen with your system if my teeth are already so messed up?

I do understand the benefits of the Xylitol and can’t wait to get my hands on some Zellies but will my teeth be making any progress in the meantime with just the above products for now?

Thank you kindly for all your assistance. I am most appreciative.


If you are not in pain I would not look back look forwards! NO, your progress wont be inhibited without the Zellies but it will be enhanced by using them. You should add in the Zellies for even better results!

Therer is no doubt in my mind that you will FEEL a difference very quickly with this system. The most important thing about silver fillings is to preserve them and avoid having them break down. I mentioned the dangers of peroxide to you on the phone. The system that I recommend is going to strengthen your enamel all around these fillings. This will help to preserve them and stop them from leaking as much as is possible. You will at least preserve them as they are which I believe is more important than anything else for you at this time. Maybe later you can find the right dentist, with the proper equipment to change these fillings for you. BUT first I would recommend getting rid of the disease in your mouth and strengthening your enamel. You will be on a much better path as soon as you start this system. Please let me know how it goes for you.

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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