Generic Mouthrinse Brands

Dear Dr. Ellie: 

We are wondering if we can use the generic/store brand that seems (and claims) to be the exact formula as Listerine, such as Wegmans brand.

Thank you.

Dear DZ

I do not recommend store brands of ACT since they do not have the same “cling” power. With “less cling” there will be less time for the active ingredient to linger on the tooth surface and this appears to produce a less favorable outcome.

In the case of Listerine this would not be an issue. If you trust the brand I agree that it would seem an OK substitute. On the other hand, Listerine can be purchased in huge containers at very low price so you know you have the real thing.

The only way for me to really answer your question would be to run a clinical trial and compare the outcomes over time.

As you may imagine, this is not immediately possible (although maybe Wegmans might want to sponsor a trial of this kind in the future!)

Not the perfect answer but the best I can do!

Dr. Ellie Phillips

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  • Hello Dr. Ellie. You mentioned in an old post that you recommended a ceramic filling over a composite resin. I’ve read that ceramics can be too abrasive and wear down other teeth, is this true? Thank you.Rich

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I agree that ceramics are abrasive when they contact against natural enamel on opposing teeth. This is why it would be important to evaluate the ideal filling for you by looking at the way your teeth bite together etc. The biggest concern that I have with white composite resin is the presence of BPA (Bisphemol A) that can leach out of these white materials at room temperature. I think this would be an important discussion with your dentist before having white fillings placed in teeth. The problems from BPA are connected with its estrogen-like effect which may be of greatest concern for children and during pregnancy.Cerac fillings are a sort of compromise and perhaps you may want to look into these as an option – depending on the kind of restoration you require. Hope this helps!Ellie

  • What about the presence of BPA in some Cerec blocks (3M™ Paradigm™ MZ100 Block for CEREC®)? See the following link for further details :

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    BPA is a worry – and I would ask your dentist about this and find out more details. There does not seem to be a perfect filling material yet. This is why I believe everyone should try to avoid fillings – especially for adolescents and children. I have sadly heard people say “what’s so bad about a filling?” .

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