Xylitol Mints for Receding Gum Line

Dear Dr. Ellie: 

I would like to try your Xylitol mints made from birch wood trees. I suffer with food allergies (soy, gluten, casein (dairy) & corn) and also candida. Normally when I purchase a product I have an allergic reaction and have to discontinue the product. Would you be able to send me a sample. I am looking for an remedy for receding gums and decaying teeth. Thanks for taking the time to read my situation.

Hi there,

I think you should definitely use xylitol and also take precautions to keep your tooth brush clean and free from molds.

I would urge you to use Listerine to clean your toothbrush every day
Swish your brush in the Listerine and then rinse it off and dry away from damp or toilet areas (where your brush can get contaminated).

I would encourage you to use Closys rinse before you brush your teeth.
Finally I would tell you to avoid baking soda or peroxide in any of your oral care products they can cause gum recession like an allergic reaction and gums just recede and disappear.

My complete mouth rinse system would be great for you but at least start with the xylitol.
If you give me your mailing address I will send you some samples and a booklet.

Ellie Phillips

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