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Dear Dr. Ellie,

I can’t be sure, since I just started the system yesterday, but I think some of my pain might be going away already!

Yesterday, when I told you that the sporadic pain in that particular tooth goes away when I brush in that area, you said that was a good thing. Why is that a good thing? I have been wondering for a while why the pain goes away after I rub/massage in that exposed area with a toothbrush (this rubbing/massaging is often in the middle of night when I wake up with throbbing pain). It would seem that rubbing/massaging the area with toothbrush would irritate it more but I have the opposite outcome. Any thoughts?

Thank you kindly,

Dear PC

Most dental pain is associated with pressure changes. Toothache from decay and also pain from gums are the result of pressure in small spaces.

Classic “toothache” from tooth decay is caused by inflammation in the center of a tooth. The live center of a tooth becomes inflamed and swollen (because bacteria have infected this tissue).

This space is surrounded by hard dentine and enamel, so pressure cannot escape but continues to build up.

Pressure presses on nerve endings and causes pain. To reduce tooth pain, a dentist has to find a way to release this pressure. (Antibiotics can stop inflammation and provide temporary relief. “Opening” the tooth by making a hole in it releases pressure and relieves pain.)

In your case it appears the pain is from the gum area surrounding the outside of your tooth. Fluids and bacteria build in the gap between bone (tooth socket) and your tooth. These fluids and infection press on nerve endings which causes pain. Closys helps lift away debris from this space. Brushing also helps move particles and relieve some of this pressure which relieves pain.

Rinsing with warm salt water can also help you. The salt draws fluids out of this space and helps shrink swollen gums. By relieving pressure you will relieve the pain.

Use Listerine to clean your toothbrush remember bacteria grow on your brush and can be re-implanted. Listerine can eradicate future bacteria and stop them causing more infection, since Listerine kills immature bacteria. You need Closys and a clean toothbrush to remove the existing problem but Listerine can help stop it returning in the future. Xylitol helps by reducing the number of unhealthy bacteria in other parts of your mouth.

Dental disease is caused by bacteria. My system is designed to eradicate harmful bacteria and grow protective ones that will benefit your teeth in the future.

Most people do not view dental disease as an infection. It is a contagious, transmissible disease.
The bacteria grow on toothbrushes and can be passed from person to person.

The idea of cutting away a piece of tooth to stop an infection does not make sense to me.
If you had an infection on your finger would you cut the piece away? I believe you would apply antiseptic several times a day and give nature time to heal the finger.

I hope this explains what is happening.
Let me know if you have any other questions.

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  • peter says:

    I had a molar removed last week and I still have lots of pain around gum area what can I do?

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    You may have a bone infection – so you should consider going back to have this extraction socket checked if it does not get better quickly.Extraction sockets can easily get infected if you are a smoker , or if you drink a lot of acidic drinks soon after the extraction.The best way to soothe this problem by yourself is to bathe this area with warm water – into which you have added a table-spoon of salt.Put the salt into a mug of warm water. Take a mouth full and "hold" this warm salty water over the sore gum. Spit out and repeat – until you have used all the water in the mug.You can put something cold on the outside of your face – an ice-pack or such can also help.Repeat the warm-water-salt mouth "bathing" ( don't swish – just bathe your mouth gently) about 4 or 5 times during a 14 hour day.To clean your teeth before sleeping use Closys rinse ( from Walgreens) and brush gently with Crest Original Cavity Protection toothpaste.Don't use any other mouth rinses for a few days. Then get on my program of oral care when your gums are healed.BUT don't wait more than another day or two if the pain does not go away – this could get serious and you may need antibiotics. Also don't wait if the pain gets any worse.Let us know how this helps.Best wishes,Ellie

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