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Well, Dr. Ellie, at about the same time, three shocking events converged to begin the process of finally getting to the bottom (today!) of some health issues. These events were shocking because I have been a “health nut” for 30+ years.

The first shocking event was the diagnosis of osteoporosis; the second was the diagnosis of periodontis; and the third was a low WBC in a blood test. I was shocked because I had been religiously taking my health supplements including those for bones and joints, brushing, flossing and Water-Pik-ing after every meal and exercising. So I hit the health books to find out what might be causing this. I re-read again the article: Disease Prevention Begins in the Mouth and then the . Eureka! This morning I finally put two and two together: inflammation stemming from dental plaque was at the root of all my problems. I also read that declining hormones/ aging can be a contributing factor, and that natural hormone restoration therapy can be of benefit.

And of course, I am so very grateful to you for the prevention and treatment protocol of CWT. You are a godsend. I guess most dentists are afraid of losing patients so the importance of prevention had never been explained to me. I am so excited about CWT that I have been telling everyone I know about it and referring them to your site to buy Zellies etc. I eagerly await your book. After just a couple of weeks, my teeth are already getting whiter and I look forward to going to the dentist and seeing his reaction to how my gums have healed. He had told me that I would have to have at least one annual cleaning for the rest of my life.

Best Wishes to You in the New Year,

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