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The following is a conversation between Dr. Ellie and a Zellies and CWT user. The Questions are in Bold. If you have questions for Dr. Ellie, you can comment below or email ellie@zellies.com.

I’m assuming then that if you kiss someone who refused to take care of his health and had severe dental problems, you could “catch” his infection?

This is correct. Mothers and fathers infect babies with the bacteria from their mouths during a kiss or sharing food etc.

However, once you have established a population of healthy bacteria in your mouth they usually fight off intruder bacteria (a baby does not establish this population until around 18-24 months of age which is why a baby is vulnerable in the first years).

The grooves of molar teeth are the main reservoirs of bacteria the kind of bacteria in these grooves determines the kind of bacteria elsewhere in the mouth. Changing the bacteria in molar grooves takes about 6 months of eating 6.5 grams of xylitol each day BUT a course of antibiotics can wipe out a bacterial population in a week. Without the protection you would be vulnerable to pick up a different kind. Also a deep cleaning at the dentist can leave you vulnerable for re-infection.

If you maintain an email list, I hope you will let us know if you come up with a method that may help to remove the calculus. colloidal sol-are you referring to colloidal silver?

I am actually experimenting with Silver Sol a nano particle silver solution that is relatively new on the market.

If we wait for CWT to dissolve the calculus and don’t go to a dentist, do you think that puts one at risk of worsening existing health problems ?

Teeth and gums will definitely get better although the healing may be slower if you have calculus.

I would encourage you to brush your gums every day but I do not recommend attempting to remove the calculus yourself with scapers or sharp instruments.

I urge you to go and get at least one cleaning after you have been on the program for 6-12 months since this will give your gums the best possible chance of healing completely.

I now wonder if my deceased husband, who refused to take care of his health and had severe dental problems etc. may have contributed his other health issues?

There is much evidence that dental health and oral health are related, especially high blood pressure and plaque in heart vessels. I have worked with diabetic patients who have seen dramatic improvement in their insulin stability when their oral health was improved. There is a close relationship between gum disease and pre-term birth. I believe we will find many more relationships in the years ahead.

I think that many people worry too much about removing silver fillings before they have eliminated dental disease from their mouths. In my mind there is no point changing fillings until you rid your mouth of harmful bacteria and make your teeth as strong as possible. Then your new fillings will last and remain healthy possibly for life.

Do you think that with the CWT, calculus can eventually be removed without a dental cleaning?

I believe that when using this system for six months you will see a dramatic reduction in the amount of calculus formed especially if you are finishing every meal with xylitol and using the system morning and night. Once this calculus has been removed at the dentist you will probably notice less and less need for a cleaning as each year goes by.

For those who do not go to a dentist at all I think that the calculus will take time to clean off by itself and I am working of methods that may help to remove it (like brushing once a month with silver sol.)

I never recommend any of the o-t-c oral care products advertised for tartar removal or tartar control since most of these products are very abrasive and often very acidic; which is exactly what you do not want!

Thanks again for all your interest.

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