On your System for 5 Months, Need Advice

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I read your comment on your blog:

“The most amazing thing to witness is the rebuilding of the tooth with an actual hole in it.I do not know exactly how it heals and I do not know the maximum limit at which a cavity can remineralize. I have witnessed many teeth that had holes in them – and remineralized. I would not suggest this (except with the advice of a dentist looking at an X-ray) for anyone with sensations of hot , cold or sweet discomfort. Such sensations may indicate that the inner dentine is involved in the process.”

I have been on your system for 5 months. The Listerine has been a problem for me, my teeth are super sensitive for days with each use. My teeth, I’ve been told, have cracks in them from old fillings.

I’ve been about 8 out of 10 on your system with some slip ups (missing the daily recommendation for xylitol) on certain days and skipping the Listerine and using Biotene instead which seemed better.

I was hoping that I would “cure my teeth”.

My teeth ARE still hurting especially sensitive to pressure, hot, and cold. There is decay underneath the fillings (the tooth is dark) and was told that I need to have onlays and one tooth in particular, the decay is getting close to the pulp. Am I past the point you think of miraculous healing and I should have these restored (8,000 dollars!). Does the pain in the Listerine, the hot and cold, seem to indicate a very serious problem and if it is true that the decay is underneath, is it really possible for me to stick this out 12 more months and ignore the pain to give your system a chance. And am I really giving it a chance if I’m bypassing Listerine daily (because it hurts) for your system to work.

Loaded questions, but need your advice based on your experience.

Much regards,

Dear J
If I were you, and wanted to avoid fillings and re-filling:

I would never skip the recommended amount of xylitol
I would only use Zellies products (I am not biased I say this because I KNOW they work)
I would eat Zellies (mints or gum) after EVERYTHING that I eat or drink (especially juice, lemon water, iced tea, sports drinks, beer or wine etc.)

If Listerine hurts Biotene is not the replacement in my system.
I would rather you dilute Listerine so that it is tolerable even if this is one drop in a cup of water.

Use ACT as if it were your best friend!
It is like moisturizer for dry skin.
Use ACT (not Restore) at least twice a day maybe you need to use ACT three times a day and rinse for a timed 2 minutes at least.

The combination of ACT with sufficient xylitol should help cracks in teeth many people have seen them completely disappear. If you will commit to this program for two months you should be able to evaluate how you are doing.

If there really is no improvement I would like to hear from you because something does not seem right. My system (the biochemistry) stimulates natural remineralization all day and all night. There is no way not to have improvement!

From a conversation you and I had I remember that you were concerned about the color of your teeth. I hope you are not doing bleaching or other whitening baking soda, peroxide or other “color improving” products. These will stop any progress and probably be the death of your teeth if they really do have cracks in them.

I would like you to get a new 2009 calendar. Mark Jan 1st as the first day and then mark two weeks out (as two weeks from the start of this new commitment) four weeks, six and eight weeks. Each time you reach the milestone write down the following comments:
How your teeth feel (same/better/worse)
How your teeth look (same/better/worse)
If they are worse then you should probably reconsider my advice and go back to your dentist.
If things seem to be getting better you should see improvement at the end of eight weeks and this will continue for at least two years maybe longer.

What are you drinking most of the time? Check the acidity of any drinks you have in your refrigerator. Have you tested your saliva pH? we sell kits on line and it is very interesting.

Good luck you have my best ideas mixing suggested products with other products WILL NOT WORK mostly they reverse any progress even products that have the ingredient xylitol in them! I have no suggestions to add or subtract from the system I endorse.


Thanks for the message I appreciate your confidence in me!
Again I am just telling you what I would do!

Happy New Year and here’s to Dental Health in 2009!

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