ACT Mouthrinse and Fluoride

Hi again Dr Ellie, 

My son’s teeth are doing great, even the one that died [broken root]; anyway what I’m inquiring about is: Is the ACT rinse absolutely essential? I ask because my son literally sucks it off the cloth as either mom or I are putting on his teeth. We’re afraid he’ll get too much fluoride…is that possible? Except for whatever fluoride is in food or water he doesn’t have any. And he mostly drinks bottled water. We have been brushing his teeth with 2 zellies Cool Fruit candies crushed and mixed with Tom’s of Maine Silly Strawberry toothpaste and then bathing his teeth with a syrup of 1 tsp Xylitol granular plus 2 tsp water before nap and nighttime. So he is getting 5 grams of the Xylitol 2x daily at sleep times, then candies/gum he has finally learned how to suck in between times. Plus Spiffies when we’re driving anywhere. His present dentist says his cavities “appear” to have all remineralized. Or at least he can’t find them anymore. Hurray!! But we really need info on the ACT. Thanks.


Dear MC

What a great story I am so happy for you and for your son.

I believe that ACT has been a part of this healing process. I hope you will read my chapter on Fluoride when my book is published later this year my views on fluoride span the gap between being in fear of fluoride yet understanding the best kind of fluoride and how to use it to heal and protect teeth.

I do not endorse fluoride added to drinking water and I would never recommend a strong gel treatment BUT the use of dilute sodium fluoride in ACT directly on the tooth is very useful. Have you considered putting a drop onto his toothbrush in place of toothpaste?

Another idea would be a fluoride varnish. This a varnish that releases a very small amount of fluoride onto the teeth and this lasts for about 4 months. Your dentist would need to apply this varnish to your son’s molar teeth. This would then become your source of fluoride for him.

Keep up the good work and I believe your son is on the pathway to enjoying great adult teeth.

Happy New Year,

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