Tooth Decalcification

Dear Dr. Ellie,

I can’t wait to start the system, so I went out to buy everything today! I’ve also read about the benefits of using a enamel building toothpaste such as Arm and Hammer Age Defying with liquid calcium. Do you think it’s ok to use that toothpaste?


Dear AC,

Personally I only recommend Crest (original). I know that the chemistry of Crest does not interfere with the process. I know that it will not scratch tooth enamel (which is delicate) and it will clean well (some pastes are not worth using and I would say no paste is better than one that scratches your enamel).

I would avoid any paste with baking soda in it.

Unless there are some amazing circumstances we all have enough calcium and minerals in our saliva to mineralize teeth. The idea of adding calcium is rather like the idea of “bleaching” teeth it sounds like it should be good but it is really a great marketing description.

As far as the research I have seen there is little that shows any of these “remineralizing” pastes do anything more than you can achieve with xylitol and ACT.

I cannot tell you about products I have not tried but I do know that Crest Original will work.

Good luck,
Ellie Phillips, DDS

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  • Annie says:

    Drat, no kidding. I actually went out and bought the toothpaste the person is asking about, then went to look it up here, found this post, then searched online, and lo and behold, this study says plain toothpaste is best to not degrade enamel

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