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Dear Dr. Ellie,

I have been avidly reading your blog and I just ordered products from the
zellie website. I am eager to get started with my husband (who has lots
of teeth problems) and my 2 children: my 10-yr old has no cavities so far,
but does have stained teeth, and my 8-yr old was just diagnosed with a
cavity between 2 of his baby teeth. I would like to try to avoid future
cavities for him, and perhaps even avoid having to cap this one.

This is the 3rd dentist I have tried for my kids, in 2 years, and I was
very disheartened. I myself have no cavities (46 yrs old) so have no
experience with them. I was shocked when this dentist devoted no time to
talking about prevention of future cavities for my son, he acted like a
cavity was a normal everyday occurrence, and spent his time talking in
great detail how he would have to file away two teeth to put the composite
in between them.

I could not accept that cavities are unavoidable, and research led me to
your site. I am very excited to try your system.

Here is my question: I know you do not recommend the complete program for
kids, ie it seems like you recommend leaving out the Closys and the
listerine. However,

1) Can I have my son use the Listerine if I want to, to aid in the
efficacy of the Act? (He does swish and spit pretty well). If so, do I
have to dilute it 50:50?

2) Can I have him use the Closys? It seems like its worth it, if only to
create the alkaline mouth environment before he brushes.

In other words, are you saying that the Closys and Listerine are simply
not necessary for kids, or are you saying that they should be avoided for

Thank you very very much!!!!


Dear KN,

Welcome to the Zellies family!

I think that the use of these rinses is not necessary for kids but if they are good rinse and spitters I see no reason why they cannot use them supervised.
My main concern is not to deter kids from enjoying the process of swishing their teeth clean!

My younger children have used the entire system since the age of about 8 and they have stunning teeth (now in their 20s). They never seemed to mind the taste I think one used the orange Listerine and the other the mint. I would dilute to taste and 50-50 may be just about right.

You obviously understand the use of the Listerine and that they don’t have to keep it in their mouths very long. The ACT is the rinse to use for a few minutes a timer can be useful to help them understand the differences. I encourage lots of spitting out for the final rinse and not to eat or drink after.

Good luck and please let us know your progress.
If you have any questions you prefer to talk about – please let me know.

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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