Retardex = Closys

Dear Dr Ellie,

I received my order today, thank you very much. I should have ordered Closys which we haven’t got in England. I know you recommended Retardex which a bit of Closys was added. Is it ok to use electric toothbrush? Please advise. Hope to hear from you.

Many thanks
MJ – England


Retardex appears to be exactly the same formula as Closys. You can use it in place of Closys.
Also I have no preference about brushes except that they work for you and that they are kept spotlessly clean. I developed a manual toothbrush that seems very popular and does a great cleaning job without any damage.

Many people use brushes that are difficult to use well so they do not clean teeth properly with them.

Here is a link to my feelings about toothbrushing:

Hope this answers your questions.

Have a great day,

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