System Update – Teeth Pocketing Reduced

Dear Dr. Ellie,

Thank you very much for the package with pH strips, toothbrushes and your book. I received it on Saturday. I used the pH strips and tested my saliva and drinking water. Both turned out to be alkaline, my saliva more so. That was heartening. I also started reading your book. It is very informative and encouraging. I love your approach. I should also thank you for the state of my gums. After using your system, my periodontal pocket depths have reduced from 4 and 5 to 3 and 2, and there are no sore spots at all. I will continue your system and tell you how my teeth fare in a few months.

Thank you so much,

Dear J,

A great thanksgiving treat to hear all this good news!

You should be encouraged that your drinking water is alkaline but keep an eye on that, and test from time to time ours seems to change. The same with saliva: it is good that yours is testing alkaline but keep an eye on it knowing that stress and other factors can influence it. I have been astounded at the fluctuation in my own saliva pH. I work hard with diet, exercise and vitamins and check my saliva since it seems to reflect and indicate body health I think this is important.

Thank you for taking the time to send me your updated progress I appreciate that.
Health and happiness to you and your family this season,


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