Teeth are like bone

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I just wanted to let you know that since the end of September I have been on your system and I am doing much better.

I do have a questions… Are teeth living parts of our body like bone? Is that why we are able to regenerate or remineralize them? Like bone, you can mend and mesh them over time and they will heal?

Is it the ACT fluoride or the xylitol mints that help the teeth remineralize?

I tell anyone that will listen about your system and urge them to go to your website and order the whole package!


Dear M,

It is great to hear that your teeth feel better.

Tooth enamel is much like bone a kind of lattice skeleton with minerals packed in between the lattice. (I often refer to it like a honeycomb with the honey being the minerals packed between the structure). It is natural for it to remineralize (rebuild) and demineralize (breakdown) and rebuild again…in an ongoing pattern.

Anything acidic will dissolve the minerals out of the lattice structure(demineralize). This can be acids in the diet ( citrus fruits, vinegar) drinks ( soda, juice, sports drinks) or sometimes our own saliva.

People with acidic saliva are usually those under stress, those with some kind of hormonal imbalance or anyone with a dry mouth.
As we age our bodies become more acidic and this can be reflected in our saliva.

Fortunately just like bone minerals can go the other way and travel back into the structure to heal and repair any deficiencies( remineralization). Xylitol stimulates replacement of the minerals in deeper layers of tooth enamel and ACT rinse helps put minerals in the surface layers.
Together these two products help a tooth “heal itself”.

I have seen quite large cavities heal completely in six months when xylitol and ACT are repeatedly used. It is strange that so few dentists have believed in remineralization there has been a lot of information since the 1960s.

It was great to hear from you again especially with the good news about your teeth!

Take care and Happy Thanksgiving,

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