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Dear Dr. Ellie, 

Hi, why do you say Closys mouth rinse should NOT be used AFTER brushing; but SHOULD be used BEFORE??? that’s crazy. A big slap on the wrist with wet, cold noodles for NOT explaining WHY you recommend Closys BEFORE brushing! Wouldn’t the brushing simply REMOVE any of the benefits of the Closys that I JUST rinsed with????


Hi SM,

This is a good question and I need to put more about this on the website. The answer is buried in the booklet but it is a free download.

Closys is most useful for adults with gum disease and gum problems. Closys is a great cleaner it seems to lift the dirt and debris out from under the gums, so that you can easily brush the bad stuff away.

I am a keen gardener and I often have dirty hands after this work. One day I had tried to clean my hands with soap but the dirt was lodged under my cuticles. I put a drop of Closys on my hands and worked it around my finger nails. Then I washed by hands with soap all the dirt was gone!

This is the same action that I believe you get by using the Closys first before you brush your teeth. I find it seems to lift the debris out of pockets around the teeth and helps people clean areas that are almost un-cleanable any other way.

Second problem mainly women is acidic saliva. Acidic saliva makes teeth soft and easily worn away by any kind of abrasive like toothpaste brushed onto our teeth. This is a problem for people who drink anything acidic before they brush their teeth at night. Beer, wine, coffee, soda (even diet) juice etc…these drinks are acidic and will soften the outer enamel of your teeth.

If you pick up a toothbrush and start brushing it is easy to erode or wear away the softened enamel of your teeth.

Closys is pH balanced. This means it takes away the acidity before you begin brushing your teeth.

You could eat a Zellie mint or use a salt mouth rinse before your brush to take away the acidity. Both would remove mouth acidity but you will not get the extra cleaning qualities.

I hope this explains why I suggest you use the Closys before your brush your teeth.

The reason I say NOT to add the flavor is based on observation it just does not seem to work as well for people when they add the flavor. I have no clinical research just patient results!

Thanks so much for your question please let me know if you have any other concerns.

Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester NY 14623

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  • LH says:

    Does changing the saliva from acidic to pH neutral or alkaline via Closys, salt water rinse, or xylitol have an immediate effect on the enamel? In other words, does the enamel go from soft to hard as soon as the saliva is neutralized or should you wait a certain amount of time in order for it to harden before brushing?Thanks.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Thank you for this interesting question.Unfortunately I am not a chemist and I cannot find any research that has investigated this subject.I would suggest that anything to take away the immediate acidity will be helpful.We need more answers to these practical questions. Until now, many people(including health professionals) have never considered the dangers of mouth acidity.Until recently the main focus of dentistry was to restrict sugar in the diet and have you floss more.When I look at oral health education I believe that many simple and obvious subjects have been ignored. For example, I know patients who have been scheduled for periodontal surgery – but no one told them to clean or disinfect their toothbrush.I have discovered toothbrushes that were never changed, never cleaned and often stored near an open toilet.Flushing the toilet distributes an aerosol of bacteria into the room which can grow on toothbrushes. Those who travel need to think about this in hotel bathrooms – especially where the sink is next to the toilet.The air can carry bacteria for over a day.If you then put the infected brush in a bag – you will be allowing these bacteria to incubate and travel with you.Simple steps to a healthier mouth! No great science – just common sense and a passion to avoid dental disease and damage. I know that you are thinking even along these lines with your interesting question – unfortunately I do not have your exact answer.Maybe there is someone who will read this post and make a study!Thanks again, Ellie

  • LH says:

    I’ve read that you should wait an hour after eating before brushing in order to avoid brushing while the saliva is still acidic from food and drink and, in this way, avoid abrading the enamel.It would make sense that the sooner you neutralize the saliva, the sooner the enamel will harden.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    You are correct. If food and drink are the reason for mouth acidity you should wait before brushing your teeth – (or use Zellies to take away mouth acidity).If you are going to rely on your saliva, you have to make sure that you have a good flow of alkaline saliva to wash away the acidity.If you have acidic saliva or a dry mouth – food and drink acids will not be washed off your teeth at all. Dental problems start if people have ACIDIC saliva ( This can occur easily for women- especially during pregnancy, those under stress or anyone with hormonal disturbances).Problems will also occur if you do not have enough saliva ( anyone with DRY mouth, on allergy or other medications that dry the mouth or that have mouth dryness as a side effect, those having radiation therapy or anyone who is older and suffers from dry mouth).These people will not be able to dilute or wash away the acidity – not in half an hour- possibly not at all. People with acidic saliva or dry mouth should not brush after eating and drinking – because their teeth will potentially be softened from the food and drinks. This is why I recommend people with acidic saliva or dry mouth protect their teeth from acidity with a little xylitol – after every meal, drink or snack. Using this reasoning you will understand why it makes sense to begin your toothbrushing routine with a rinse that is neutral( non-acidic) and use it BEFORE brushing your teeth. Closys is my pick because it also seems to lift debris out from the pocketing around teeth, so you can brush it away at the same time!Those who use Closys regularly have seen how it can help reduce periodontal pockets and start them healing. Hope this explains why Zellies mints and gum are so useful!Ellie

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