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Hi, Ellie

I know that the bathroom is the worst place to store your toothbrush. Where do you (and your family members) store yours? I’m considering getting a toothbrush holder for each one of us so that we can store our toothbrush on top of the bureau.

Thanks a lot.


Hi LH,

The lay out of a bathroom is the important factor. We designed our bathroom so that the toilet area is separated away from the sink area.

If you travel in hotel rooms you notice different designs. It is interesting that many newer hotels separate the sink areas from the toilet area which is good. Studies of air quality have shown that infection from previous room occupants are still in the air a day after their visit. Ugh!

Many travelling sales people have gum disease I would suggest UV toothbrush sanitizers for these folks and lots of Zellies! I would advise new brushes for each destination. With my $2.00 toothbrush it is a small price to pay to leave bad germs behind!

We never bring a “travel toothbrush” back into our home. We use new ones whenever we go away or come home. I would also suggest my entire CWT system  at least on a travelling person’s return home!

To answer your question: I would find a safe place where the tooth brush can dry. I know some people store in the bedroom and others in the kitchen. Listerine is a great cleaner for brushes or bleach (Ugh) or the dishwasher.

I think these are all OK ideas.

Hope this helps,
Ellie Phillips, DDS

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