Listerine Pump

Dear Dr. Ellie,

The Listerine Pump product note below indicates “A straw-type tube attaches from this top piece” but does not indicate the “straw-type tube” is included. Please confirm is the straw included or is the pump just a replacement unit? Note: A straw-type tube attaches from this top piece (shown in the picture) to reach the liquid inside the bottle.


Dear Confused,

Sorry for any confusion. The necessary straw type tube is included with the top part of the pump, (even though that is not shown on our picture so that you can see the detail of the “pump” part).

You will be able to put the tube on the top part and easily assemble the two parts. You will have everything you need to use this unit. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed!

Thanks for your question.
Ellie Phillips

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