My dentist doesn’t believe teeth heal themselves

Dear Dr. Ellie,

My dentist is a drill and fill type of dentist. She absolutely does not believe that teeth heal themselves, which is why I am depressed every time I visit her. She always mentions dire consequences if I don’t get my teeth filled or crowned. I have had absolutely no pain or sensitivity in any of my teeth that she has filled, or that all my previous dentists have for that matter. She uses the diagnodent to diagnose cavities. She spends just two minutes with me after the hygienist cleans and uses the diagnodent. I made the decision to try out your system, because I was so dissatisfied the last time I visited her in March.


Dear JR,

Yes, it is very important to use Zellies regularly and also the ACT in harmony use the ACT at least twice a day at the end of the system. Just make sure you choose the regular ACT and not the newer Restore product!

The combined and regular use of both products will heal your teeth but one without the other will not work.

Imagine you have a cut in your skin: the underneath flesh has to heal and also the skin over the top. It is the same with teeth.

Xylitol works on the “flesh” or deeper part of the tooth and the ACT works to heal the “skin” or outer layer. Without using the two systems together you will only have partial healing that will not be anything like as effective.

The use of Listerine before the ACT helps to generate this healing even more quickly.
This explains why there are specific rinses in my system each component is so important.

Take care and we can talk soon,

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