Cracks in Teeth

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I just got my teeth cleaned on Oct 22 the day I learned about your system and bought my Closys, Act and Crest (already had the right Listerine). I also got the xylitol gum and mints at a health food store to tide me over till my Zellies arrived which they did VERY QUICKLY thanks! I am doing the routine as you recommend and my teeth feel great and I hope to amaze my dentist when I go back in February. I do have a question about cracks in my teeth. My dentist showed me with a fiberoptic type wand the backs of my 4 top front teeth which all have some cracks going crosswise in them – like half of each tooth is going to fall off someday. Being somewhat of a hypochondriac this bothers me :-). I’m wondering if you think the program can help with this? Do you think cracks can heal? 



Next October I hope to have published a book that may interest you a lot it will explain teeth at this microscopic level.

The use of my system is built on clinical results but also on the biochemistry of what goes on daily in your mouth. I believe that if you use this system there will be gradual improvement in the health of your enamel and that mini fracture lines will fill in and go away.

I hope your dentist took a digital picture of these cracks with such high tech stuff I am sure he did! Then it would be great to get a picture when they repair and are finally healed maybe to put on the website for others to see!

If you have any questions about the system please let me know. It is vital to do the entire system in the correct order and to make sure that you use each item for an appropriate length of time with the ACT as the final rinse.
Zellies mints and gum after every meal.

I am thinking of doing some teleseminars to discuss the system on the phone. Keep in touch and let me know if you have any more concerns. I have great confidence that you can surprise your dentist and show him good results!


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