Tom’s of Maine fluoride rinse

Hi, Dr. Ellie, 

I work at and saw your presentation last month. I was wondering what you think about the Tom’s of Maine alcohol free fluoride rinse. I know that you have tried many products I like this product a lot and it seems to feel less harsh than the ACT…

Thanks, EM

Hi EM,

Thanks for your message.

My answer would be that if you have perfect teeth and love the product then everything is great! If you have less than perfect teeth I would suggest that you try the products that I recommend for a little while, to compare. I think the mint ACT or bubblegum would be my suggestion cinnamon is quite a strong flavor.

One problem with the TOM’s rinse is that it tastes bad to many people (not everyone but a general response). From what I remember I think it has witch hazel as an ingredient and some people are sensitive to this.

However, the main reason that I suggest ACT is because it has excellent “coating” qualities.
Sodium fluoride works to repair and remineralize teeth while it is in contact with the tooth surface. Sodium fluoride is a catalyst that allows minerals to go from your saliva into your teeth.
This means that it is essential that the liquid coats the teeth and lingers on the tooth surface for as long as possible.

ACT is exceptionally good at coating teeth. ACT seems to reach into the deep crevices and grooves (where teeth are at the most risk). The TOM’s product is thinner and more of a liquid from what I remember. The TOM’s product may be a good rinse but I wonder if it remains on the tooth surface after you spit out? From memory I think it does not.

This is why you have to use what works for you! If you have no problems TOM’s product may be sufficient. You may not have deep grooves on your teeth. On the other hand, if you have any sensitivity or the slightest hint of erosion or cavities, you may want to consider a routine that uses ACT.

As you know I have nothing to do with any of these products. Just years of observing patients as a clinical dentist. Thanks for your suggestion and please thank everyone who invited and attended the meeting.

With best wishes,
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