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Hi Dr. Ellie!

As promised here is my update.

I went to my oral surgeon, <doctor’s name removed> today for my post-op visit. She said, 7 weeks into the healing process of the extraction and healing well, but not completely healed. Some pink and redness.

She asked about my sensitive tooth and did an x-ray. Wow, digital x-rays are great. Poof within seconds it’s on the screen!

She said, well, there is nothing wrong with the tooth. Then she used some big dental term and pointed to the bottom of the xray and said, what I mean is there is nothing here that indicates the pulp is bad or that you need a root canal. She asked about the sensitivity. I told her, well it is almost gone. Now and then a twinge, but nothing like I had when I saw you 8 weeks ago on my first visit. She said, what have you been using. I told her about you, how I found you and the rinses and Zellies. She was really interested and asked her assistant to pull this up on the internet right there in the room.

She read part of it and turned to me and said, you did nothing else but this program and you are seeing results? I said, yes. She said, I understand about the fluoride since is has been documented that it does work, but how do the other rinses come into play? And what are Zellies?

I tried to explain it and told her, you really need to either contact Dr. Ellie or read the entire website. She said, I have a sensitive tooth and I refuse to get a root canal, because root canals go bad. She agreed that sensodyne was just a quick fix. She said, yes a tooth can remineralize, and gave this example. Sometimes a tooth will have a hairline fracture in it that will never show up on an xray. It’s like putting fine porcelain up to a light and seeing the fine cracks. She said, by using the fluoride you are actually sealing off these fine cracks and the tooth is actually healing itself. But she said, she never met someone that it worked. Until she met me and heard me say that I don’t know what or why, but whatever I did, it must have done something good, because I don’t have that sharp pain, only a slight twinge and I am hoping in time that will go away.

I told her that you sent me a whole package just to try the whole system and she was shocked. She said, that was very nice of her to do that for you. I told her, it made me a believer and I will be a steady customer. She told me, I think I may try this system and if it works, I will be recommending it to my patients, because that is the main complaint with many of them, sensitivity and many want the tooth extracted. which she won’t do. I hope she does contact you and maybe the two of you can work out how she can recommend your system to her patients.

Just thought you would like to know! I can’t thank you enough.


Dear M.


This is a wonderful story thank you so much for all the details.
I love to hear such an accurate account we WILL make your dentist a believer!
Thanks again this really has been the best moment of my week!

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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