The CWT System for KIds

Dr. Ellie,

I was wondering why you feel that the entire CWT system is not necessary for younger children, is it strictly a compliance issue. My almost 5 year old daughter likes rinsing with dilute Listerine after she brushes her teeth and before she uses ACT, are there any drawbacks to her doing this?


Hi EM,

Used like this I think your routine is perfectly fine. No drawbacks at all. The thing is that most kids do not like Listerine taste and I would insist that we keep tooth cleaning and oral care fun at all times!

I would dilute the Listerine at least 50-50 for pre-teens. I would only use for children who have proven they can competently rinse and spit out. The last point, of course, is only to use Listerine in conjunction with ACT after it.

The crystallization of enamel is improved by the acidification that occurs when using Listerine prior to the “fluoride” treatment with the ACT.

Thanks for your question.

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