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Dear Dr. Ellie,

I ordered the starter pack which should be here today. I am surprised at your thoughts on what not to use.

When I went to the dentist last year they gave me toothpaste for sensitive teeth. After I ran out I went and bought sensidine for of course sensitive teeth. Since then I have found that drinking whole milk has helped the sensitivity for some reason, but would make since because it may neutralize the acid.

My teeth have gotten worse instead of better. They aren’t as sensitive because I can eat ice cream now. I was sick allot throwing up when I was pregnant for at least 5 months straight all day long, so I am wondering if that started the problem. The I took a medication phenogrin which would leave me with a dry mouth so I wouldn’t be sick.

I hope your product works. I am looking for a miracle because I want to keep my teeth looking good.

I don’t have any allergies that I am aware of. I do have 2 eye teeth partials because I didn’t have permanent eye teeth. Could the mouth piece and retainer make it worse?

I drink sweet tea most of the time I do live in the good old south..haha. I try to drink milk at least once a day. Any suggestions would be wonderful.

Thanks soo much for taking the time to email me back and warning about sensitive teeth products and whitening. I was just about to use baking soda……I am desperate.

Thanks again

Hi JA,

When teeth are sensitive they have microscopic holes in them. Holes in teeth form when minerals are dissolved away dissolved out of the tooth leaving empty holes or pores in the enamel of your tooth.

Imagine looking at a tooth surface through a strong microscope (or magnifying glass). Your tooth surface would look like a honey comb holes with a lattice-like structure. When your tooth is healthy these holes are packed full of minerals like salt crystals packed tightly in the spaces.

When these holes are packed with minerals your tooth enamel will be able to block out air, water and things that would otherwise leak into your tooth and damage the nerves on the inside. When your tooth is packed with minerals it will not be sensitive!

Unfortunately anything acidic dissolves minerals out of teeth. This will happen every time your mouth is acidic.

Throwing up would expose your teeth to stomach acids – which are very strong and which will dissolve lots of these minerals. People with acid reflux often have sensitive teeth and should be on this program especially eating xylitol after every acid attack. Sweet tea (especially with lemon) will also do this. Lots of healthy things can dissolve out tooth minerals orange juice , grapefruit juice etc etc. Apple juice is extremely acidic. BUT don’t stop enjoying your favorite drink…..because ……..

The good news is that minerals can be put back into these holes easily.
You don’t have to give up your favorite sweet tea or anything!

You just have to eat some Zellies mints or gum after every snack or meal!

Eating xylitol will encourage the minerals to immediately return into your teeth. ACT mouth rinse also works. Using xylitol and ACT work in harmony and when you use them in my system they will work the best!

Xylitol puts minerals into the deeper layers of your tooth. This happens every time you eat even a little xylitol. The fluoride in ACT helps put minerals into the outer layers. The ACT only works while some of the liquid is in contact with your tooth surface. This is why it is good to rinse last thing at night ( and spit out but do not rinse out) and in the morning try not to eat or drink for at least half an hour after you have rinsed your teeth.

As your tooth surface strengthens it will look smoother and whiter.

The problem with sensitive pastes is that they do not encourage natural healing. They work like spackle – to paste up the holes. Yes, your teeth may be less sensitive but they have not been healed.

When the spackle falls out of the holes they will be sensitive again. The sensitive paste will also stop natural minerals from going into the holes and so these pastes will stop the healing process.

This is why you do not want to use “sensitive” products. Whitening products are usually very acidic. I tested the white strips and they were off the charts! This is why whitening products open up the holes in teeth and make them sensitive damaged and potentially very porous.

If you use the system exactly as described you should see and feel results quite quickly.
I think that for teeth Xylitol is miraculous. Native Americans believed that the birch tree (where xylitol comes from ) was God’s gift to Man!

I hope this helps to explain why we select items so carefully.
Good luck and let me know if you have other questions,

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