Chalky White Spots

Dear Dr. Ellie,

Will your system help a 15 year old chalky spots on teeth from (as the orthodinist says) not brushing well over several months when the braces were on? The braces were just removed because orthadontist said the teeth have damage and some soft spots. The Orthodontist wants to do clear retainers removable in 3 weeks. What are your thoughts on this? Will your program help her teeth? When she uses the program, should she do it when she is first awake, before breakfast or after breakfast?

Have your heard of epic fluoride toothpaste and what are your thoughts on using this at school after lunch because she will not have time to do the mouthrise treatment during the day at school. Can she also do your treatment after dinner if she needs to?

-Concerned Mom

Dear Mom,

Yes my cwt system will help your 15 year old very much. I do not recommend the xylitol mouth rinse nor the toothpaste – not when you have an acute problem and are trying to heal teeth. I would recommend using my entire system twice a day. If you do not have time, I feel it is better to use ACT rinse after meals. Using ACT a few extra times during the day will be great if you have only a little time. Zellies mints and gum are delicious and will help.

Epic mints and gum are similar and are also very good. (It is only the Epic rinses and toothpaste that I would not advise you to use at this time). If your 15 year old combines at least 7 grams of xylitol each day with my system twice a day and maybe an extra rinse or two with ACT – you will be amazed at the speed of the healing you should expect. The system will only work if you have all the ingredients EXACT be very careful to get the correct toothpaste, the ACT regular ( not restore) and only use the items in the correct order. Eat the Epic or Zellies mints and gum after every drink, every meal, every snack throughout the day and night.These xylitol mints and gum will help protect the teeth and help heal them. The combination of these items works in harmony to clean the mouth, protect the teeth and heal any damage. If you have any remaining questions do not hesitate to ask me.

Thanks for your question.
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